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BPAL Reviews - Yules II (Peppermint Cream Cupcake)

And one more BPAL review (forgive the self-indulgence -- I'm trying to avoid real work.)

Peppermint Cream Cupcake
BPAL Description: Sweet red velvet cupcakes with thick peppermint cream frosting.

This is one of those wonderfully and mysteriously textural BPAL scents. In the bottle, I get chilly vanilla peppermint icing, accompanied by the feeling of that very sweet icing with the fine fine grains of suspended sugar that crunch under your teeth. There's a faint intimation of chocolate cake.

Wet on the wrist, the mint backs off, and I get moist chocolate cake. A delicate, not overwhelming smell of chocolate, but again, somehow wonderfully having the texture of cake.

Dry, this becomes first a cool powdered-sugar mint so powerful it clears my sinuses. Later, the mint fades back, and I'm left, unfortunately, with mild traces of that cream note that on some unlucky people (like me) smells plasticky.

I like the mint in this. I am very fond of Mother Shub's Unmentionable Peppermint Creams, even though it has the same final effect on me. This is cooler and less vanilla-sweet than MSUPC -- there's a little distance in the scent, as though closely considering the idea of cupcakes at a thoughtful remove.


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