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radiant fracture

repair and fabrication

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2 November

1. bitterness, 2. chocolate, 3. bitter chocolate, 99 percent invisible, abecedarians, adventures with words, all songs considered, alphabet books, anarchism, andrew bird, anne carson, backlisted podcast, barry broadfoot, battles, beauty, black phoenix alchemy lab, buffy, canadaland, cbc radio 3, cherry brandy, christeene, christine fellows, cinema, costume dramas, dan deacon, dodos, donovan woods, dr who, dresden files, fantastic literature, fauns, film, firefly, foodieness, fountain pens, frank delaney, gender and science fiction, general idea, guardian unlimited, history of pornography, homoerotic subtext, horatio hornblower, idle thumbs, in our time, indigenous literature, interior design, ira glass, james tiptree jr., jane austen, judith butler, lannan, leonard cohen, life on mars, linguistics, literary disco, literary theory, literature, london review of books, longform, love + radio, magnetic fields, mark kermode, memory palace, michael ondaatje, michael silverblatt, milan kundera, modest mouse, monsters, mystery, new pornographers, new yorker, npr, nyrb, pablo neruda, podcasting, podcasts, poem talk, poetry off the shelf, post-colonial science fiction, queer theory, radiotopia, rasputina, raymond chandler, re:joyce, rilke, robert bringhurst, social justice, sounds in my head, strong winds, t.s. eliot, terrence mann, the gothic, the mountain goats, the national, things with wings, this american life, three percent podcast, toni morrison, torchwood, trans theory, transgenderism, ttbook, two gallants, typography, ugly wire sculpture, ursula k. le guin, velvet underground, vladimir nabokov, whedonverse, wolf parade, women's press science fiction, writers and company, zines

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